Risk Assessment & Solutions

Investigation, Litigation Support, Crisis Management


When your business or corporate world inverts coming back feels like a series of uphill steps. We all our resources and experience to produce favorable solutions. 

Legal Advisory

Knowing the "why" is only the beginning. Knowing the facts and understanding the process are two key strategic pieces. The legal system can feel like a maze, let us help you navigate it.


When locating and recovering assets lost due to financial fraud, let our proven world wide forensic expertise be your solution. We operate in every time zone and reach every locale. 


Prevent future fraud, understand your or your client's true legal position, improve internal compliance practices, asses and manage future risks. We limit your future unknowns.

Investigative & Intelligence Experts

Gaffney, Gallagher & Philip - a unique firm of tested professionals, each with 25+ years of public investigation and intelligence technique experience in fraud detection, prevention and resolution. There is no better domestic or international team.

About Us


Securities, Investment, Money Laundering, IP Theft, Harassment, Internal, Ethics

Due Diligence

Business, Legal, White Collar Crime, Identity Theft, Regulatory

Crisis Management

System Attacks, Personnel Threats, secure Communications, Legal Action

Intellectual Property

Technology, Trade Secrets, Industrial Espionage, Domestic, International Protection & Recovery

Asset Tracing

Anti-fraud systems and Aggressive Response for digitally mobile assets in the modern world


International, Domestic, Prevention, Recovery, Legal, Full Service and Bespoke

We roll up our Sleeves

Advice from behind a desk or phone only goes so far. G.G.P. are in the field, in the board room, in the court room. In a crisis, we are your greatest asset.

Past Assignments


Years in the Field, on 5 continents, with every major agency.

The answer is here. 
(not on your phone)

Don't search for an answer to solutions that need real expertise. Every hour wasted increases risk. We are here for you 24 hours a day.

EMIDR (Evaluate, Monitor, Investigate, Deter, Recover) is a corporate risk advisory partner offering our clients expanded local presence and expertise in Hong Kong and Washington D.C.