Case Studies

Proven Effective in the Real World


Financial Fraud Investigators

Expert Witness, Forensic Investigation, Bankruptcy

Unable to determine the location of stolen funds, a Trustee in a Corporate Bankruptcy sought GGP's services to assist in analysis, identification and analysis of multi-hundred million dollar fraud by a former company executive.

GGP was retained as both forensic financial investigators and money laundering expert witnesses in a Billion dollar international corporate fraud case by the bankruptcy trustee for a publicly traded company .  GGP assisted the Trustee in unraveling a complex international fraud/ money laundering in which principals of the publicly traded company used foreign domiciled entities, that appeared to be independent manufacturer/suppliers, to siphon off the profits of the domestic publicly traded company.  The comprehensive Trustee's report that came from a nearly one year examination of the companies books and records, articulated a multi faceted scheme that reaped hundreds of millions of dollars a year on behalf of the publicly traded company's principals to the detriment of its  shareholders. GGP's forensic investigation served as the skeletal outline of a follow up FBI investigation that lead to numerous company executives being indicted and convicted for Corporate Fraud and Money Laundering.


Hedge Fund Fraud

Money Laundering, Recovery, Long Term Assignment

What began as a review and discovery of remaining hedge fund assets became a 10 year fraud and money laundering effort as GGP pursued the principals of a failed $2.0 billion dollar hedge fund in an effort to recover assets on behalf of investors.

GGP was retained by a Trustee in a $2 Billion failed Hedge Fund fraud/ money laundering. GGP assisted the Trustee in conducting intricate financial fraud investigations that allowed the Trustee to identify recipients of proceeds of fraudulent investments made by the Hedge Fund on behalf of its investors and to enable the Trustee to file law suits to "Claw back" funds paid out by the Hedge Fund for fraudulent purposes. GGP conducted exhaustive background and financial asset recovery investigations on behalf of the Trustee to locate both bank accounts and personal and real property, which the fraudsters had gone to great lengths to conceal. The investigations and litigation took place over a ten year period and resulted in the recovery of tens of millions of dollars by the Trustee.


Legal Support

In the Courtroom and in the Field

When a series of questionable lawsuits threatened to derail a legitimate legal effort by shareholders to recover value illicitly transferred by company executives to their associates, GGP worked with the Attorney for the plaintiffs to enhance the overall response and legal strategy. 

GGP was retained by a Trustee in a multi hundred million dollar corporate fraud/ money laundering scheme.  GGP performed a broad panaplea of investigative and expert witness functions on behalf of the Trusee and Counsel in support of numerous law suits to recover proceeds of fraudulent transactions that involved the sale of assets of the publicly traded company to the detriment of its shareholders.  In addition GGP lead the money laundering investigation that required the examination of hundreds of thousands of financial transactions flowing through hundreds of bank  accounts over more than a decade.  The investigative reports filed with the Trustee were utilized in litigation  and negotiated settlements to recoup tens of millions of dollars.